New Vendor Spotlight – JANT’S COLLECTION


Meet JANT’S COLLECTION! One of the new vibrant businesses that has joined the Green Butterfly family of Artisans.

Joel Ugo Enyinnaya is the CEO of Jant’s collection – an establishment since 1940. Mama Janet Umezurike was the founder of JANT’S Collection.  After being betrothed to a priest in 1938 she headed to the “Then Home” (an institution with the mandate of training women especially priests’ wives in domestic science) before their church wedding in 1939. Notable among the skills she acquired was, tailoring popularly known today as Fashion and Design. Many women passed through her tutelage in this trade. She was a guru in this profession from 1940 to 1982 when she encouraged her daughter-in-law Madam Mercy Enyinnaya (biological mother to the present C.E.O “JOEL ENYINNAYA” Madam Mercy acquired same skill for continuity in 1982.

Joel says, “Among all siblings I have been the very one to help my mother Mercy Enyinnaya to work and to creat each time I return back from school. From helping her I developed much passion in creativity as My mother began to withdraw from being so active in the job. I took over the business – the original traditional operation with a focus to rebrand it inline with today’s trends.

The name Jant’s is born in memory of our matriarch. and shows off the creativity that runs in the blood.

Today’s Jant’s collection is a bespoke African brand creating contemporary designs infused with African spirit .


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