Green Butterfly Market at the Department of Parks and Gardens

The Green Butterfly Market started in the year 2010 at the Nyaniba Park, eventually partnering with the Goethe Institut in 2011. We operated our Artisan market at the Goethe Institut for almost 7 years years until we moved to the Dubois center in 2017 where we stayed for 4 years.

We parted ways with the Dubois center last December and moved into a bigger. more beautiful, and more befitting space. The Green Butterfly Market now operates at the DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND GARDENS on Switchback Road near the Italian Embassy and opposite DVLA head office still in Cantonments, Accra.

As Accra’s premier Artisan market, it is our pride and honour to bring you some of the most talented artisans you will ever see on the West African subcontinent. Follow this blog to see some of the most inspiring and innovative artisans brought to you by Green Butterfly.

Our next event happens this Saturday 2nd June! Follow us on Instagram!