Tampoori was born out of a need to honour the artistic, cultural, and economic worth and impact of textiles in our community. Renowned for bold, original prints and vibrant, unusual colours, Tampoori creates distinctive handcrafted textiles to bring joy and positivity into your life.

Tampoori prints are dyed by hand in Accra in small-batch, limited edition runs. The Tampoori goal is to create a sustainable organization, grow with a commitment to the long term, invest in the growth of local women, and extend the appreciation of West African batik and tie-dye across the world.

Tampoori is usually at every Green Butterfly Market at the Department of Parks and Gardens every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. You can’t miss that gorgeous, colorful presentation of fabrics in our new Bamboo sections in the market. (refer to our new section map below).  This vibrant product portfolio includes high-quality clothing fabric in cotton, rayon, silk and chiffon, and hand-dyed linen textiles for home décor.

Tampoori is wholly woman-owned and operated.

Upon entry into the Green Butterfly Market take your second left turn at the blue truck (after the flower gardens). Tampoori is located in one of the Bamboo shops there. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 4th June!

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