Featured Vendor – MAKOKI AFRO CRAFTS – 6th August at the Green Butterfly Market!

MAKOKI means “POTENTIAL” in Lingala language, says Hestie Assinga- Robert’s, founder of MAKOKI AFRO CRAFTS.


Hestie is originally from the Republic of Congo, and founded the MAKOKI brand in Ghana in the year 2014.

MAKOKI is an Afrocentric clothing brand based in Ghana, and curating garments for both men and women.

Green Butterfly asks, “How has the Green Butterfly Market impacted your business?”

Hestie says, ” The Green Butterfly Market has had a tremendous positive effect on our sales not only in terms of direct sales but most importantly extending our clientele base. Today we have customers that regularly recommend us among their peers, and these peers become new customers. That is a very effective way for us to grow. We have been growing since we joined and are always excited for the next Green Butterfly Market.”

Find MAKOKI AFRO CRAFTS at the Green Butterfly Market this Saturday 6th August!