6th August is Jamaican Independence day! Celebrate at the Green Butterfly Market with Kingston Kitchen!

Happy 60th Independence Day Jamaica!

On August 6th 2022 Jamaicans across the globe will be celebrating their home land’s 60th Year of Independence!
Here is a brief History about the beautiful Island of Jamaica.

• The earliest inhabitants of Jamaica were the Redware People named after
their pottery.

• Taino Indians otherwise known as the Arawaks believed to be from South
America, were the next notable inhabitants on the Island.

• Jamaica was originally called Xaymaca – which meant land of wood and

• Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494.

• Jamaica was colonialised by the Spanish followed by the British for a total of 468 years.

• Kingston was not always the Capital of Jamaica, it used to be Spanish Town.

• The People of Jamaica were enslaved, and hundreds of thousands more
people were brought from West Africa and enslaved in order
to expand the work force in the booming agriculture business on the Island.

• Jamaica at one point was the biggest producer of Sugar in the world.

• Slavery was eventually abolished in Jamaica 1834.

• The early 20th century saw the birth of the national consciousness with various
Political activists such a Marcus Garvey, Norman Manley and Alexander
Bustamante speaking out, forming various unions and spearheading the
country towards independence.

• On August 6th, 1962, Jamaica finally gained independence!

Today Jamaica is recognised for its vibrant Culture, Music, Food, Rastafarianism, as well as producing some of the World’s top athletes.
Jamaican Cuisine is an amalgamation of traditions of the various people that
inhabited the Island throughout history.
The Tainos had a heavily Fish based diet and grilled over open fires.
The Spanish introduced crops such as plantain and ginger to Jamaica as well as
dishes such as Escovitch Fish. They also imported the first Goats into the country.
The West Africans introduced slow cooked one pot dishes such as soups and stews which were often eaten with a flat bread called Jonny Cake which has now
developed into Fried Dumplings (however some still call them Jonny Cakes till this day).

The British introduced the Cornish Pasty which has now evolved into Jamaica’s most popular street snack, the Jamaican Patty.

Other British baked goods like the Cornish Saffron Bun / Loaf Cake were introduced to the Island and through the years developed into Jamaican Spiced Buns. The British also brought crops from West Africa such a Ackee (which is now the National Dish of Jamaica) and Breadfruit.

The Maroons – were a community of Tainos and Africans who escaped slavery by fleeing to the secluded Mountainous areas of Jamaica. The Maroons using local herbs and spices developed Jerk Seasoning which till this day is used to bbq meats such as Chicken and Pork.
Curries were introduced to the Island when indentured labourers from India brought with them spices, curry powder and roti (another style of flat bread), and through that, dishes such as Curry Goat were born. The Indians also brought with them crops such as Mangos, Tamarind, and Jackfuit.

Another popular Jamaican dish of today that goes back centuries is Oxtail. During
the times of slavery, Oxtail was much less desirable and was considered a
throwaway cut of meat. Back then, any meat that the slaves would get was usually his master’s scraps and rejects. But through the traditional African slow cooking methods adopted by Jamaicans Oxtail is also a dish that Jamaicans are now renowned for.

Now that you know a little more about Jamaican History and the History of Jamaican food, I’m sure that it gives the Culture so much more meaning, appreciation and value. It truly is more than Reggae music and a picturesque island in the Caribbean. Now that you know a little more about Jamaican History and you read the country’s
slogan – “Out of many, one people.” one can truly appreciate the people of Jamaica as well as their food. We hope that you can join us as we celebrate Jamaica Independence at the Green
Butterfly Market this Saturday, 6
th August. We’ll be serving lots of scrumptious Jamaican Cuisine such as Patties, Curry, Roti, Oxtail and more!

Written by Sharna Darko – Kingston Kitchen, Ghana.  See you on 6th August 2022!

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