1st Saturday market in July!


It’s our absolute pleasure to bring you another fabulous GREEN BUTTERFLY MARKET at the Department of Parks and Gardens tomorrow 2nd July!

Before we continue we just want to say this:

It’s a beautiful, Green, family friendly atmosphere at the Green Butterfly Market. Enjoy various snacks and foods including local “Kelewele” as well as natural beverages and frozen goodies like LICKON Popsicles and NEC-TA-RAE sorbets!

Beverages include natural fruit juices by NATURE’S BREW, BISA Y, BENISAP, and cold beer dispensed by CLUB Beer. SCRATCH TO WIN PRIZES AT THE CLUB STAND! We will also be featuring BARONA WINES tomorrow at the market. Come by and have a try. KINGSTON KITCHEN delights us with their Jamaican meals, and will be seeing a new vendor TONIVALI making unique Ghanaian food presented in balls and bites!

Clothing, jewellery, art, crafts, textiles and so much more will be on display. If you are looking for gifts and unique souvenirs, this is the place to be!

Directions: The Department of Parks and Gardens is on the Switchback road right next to the Italian Embassy and opposite the  DVLA head office.

Market opens at 10am until 5pm. See you there!